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Remote Patient Monitoring

LB Connect

We provide state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring technology that empowers participants to live independently and brings peace of mind to loved ones. With an easy-to-use touchscreen monitor, LB Connect allows you to check your own health numbers, including blood pressure and oxygen levels, which provides a simple way to observe health changes and discuss them with your health care provider. LB Connect also has the ability to send your up-to-date health information directly to those you depend on for additional support, such as the staff at LB Home Care. Video calling and electronic letters provide ways for users to maintain social connections with family and friends. LB Connect has many other useful features that make life easier and more enjoyable like games, music programs, and website browsing. Take a hands-on approach to your healthcare with LB Connect and stay healthy and in touch.

LB Connect Goals

  • To promote independence and help people remain in their homes safely
  • To provide open communication with health care professionals
  • To prevent emergent care or hospitalization
  • To improve quality outcomes and quality of life
  • To bring peace of mind to participants and their loved ones

How it works

LB Connect features touchscreen and wireless technology for easy and convenient operation. Prior to use, an LB Connect representative will set up the remote patient monitoring unit in your home and tailor the menu screen to fit your specific needs. By simply following basic instructions, you can easily navigate through the screen options, even if you do not typically use technology. When you complete a health reading, the data is sent wirelessly to the LB Connect unit and automatically keeps a log of your health information. Then, LB Connect has the ability to send your health information to your health care provider when necessary.

Keeping in touch with loved ones is simple. You can send and receive messages, share an interactive calendar through a simple web portal, and video chat quickly and easily, all with no computer experience needed. Your loved ones can even receive a text notification when you check into LB Connect, so they know you’re doing fine.


LB Connect is perfect for people who want to take proactive steps for their health and mitigate potential health risks. This remote patient monitoring technology is appropriate for home-use for people with many conditions including those managing chronic disease. Patients with COPD, CHF, diabetes and other conditions can benefit from LB Homes Connect. Using the most comprehensive health care technology available today, LB Connect assists you in various ways:

  • Blood pressure cuff – an easy-to-read screen and wireless Bluetooth capabilities make the blood pressure cuff simple to use. Comes with adjustable sizes and automatic online recording of information.
  • Glucometer – blood glucose readings can be recorded automatically from the glucometer to LB Connect. Caregivers can log in to see readings and set up rules to alert them to when a reading has be taken or if a reading wasn’t taken at the expected time.
  • Oximeter – simply place finger in holder to measure oxygen saturation. An alert system sounds if repositioning is needed.
  • Weight measurement – convenient floor scale effectively gauges weight changes for dietary and medication management.
  • Medication reminders – stay organized and be notified to take medications on time to ensure safety.
  • Communication – connect with family and friends through video calling, electronic letters, shared calendar, and messaging.
  • Recreation – find ways to stay entertained throughout the day:
    • Read the daily news in a simple format with large print
    • Play fun games by yourself or with a friend
    • Keep your mind sharp with challenging brain exercises
    • Surf the internet with ease
    • Listen to your favorite music programs

Features & Benefits

  • Provides current and accurate information for better assessment of the participant’s health needs.
  • Allows for shared communications among participants, families, and health care providers. Care Notes make it possible to coordinate schedules, exchange notes, and share relevant care information.
  • Compliments skilled nursing care by providing health information useful for modifying treatments and changing care plans when needed. Providers can view graphs and set up alert parameters for daily care and medication reminders.
  • Hands-on approach helps prevent costly trips to the emergency room.
  • Saves money by delaying or avoiding the need for more supervised care.
  • Supports the social needs of homebound people who might be limited in the ability to interact with others regularly.
  • Wireless sensors provide the option for discreet observation of household activity to improve safety and security.
  • May be used in many settings including private homes, assisted living, congregate housing, etc.

Contact our Program Coordinator for more information on how LB Connect can work for you. LB Connect is affordable. Financial support may be available through Medicare coverage or Home Care added benefit. Ask for details on pricing and payment options.